Ok… SPRING is here so it’s time to Enhance that Curb Appeal!
Here are 5 ways you can bring that Coastal Style to your home


#1: Nantucket Anyone? How about Clam Shell Walkways & Driveways?


This front walkway is made out of clam shells. Although they aren’t comfortable to walk on they give a definite beachy vibe to your curb appeal. You can find these at garden centers around the North Shore (Wolf Hill in Gloucester carries these during the summer months).


#2: Love the look of Coastal Grey? Try Pea Gravel Driveways!


To go along the Coastal Grey theme, check out this driveway that you see all over the North Shore, especially in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Their casual vibe goes beautifully with our Preservation maintenance free cedar shingled houses. They are an affordable option compared with paving costs. The granite blocks lining the driveway add a touch of tailored polish to the edges.


#3: Add some color! Think Hydrangeas and Beach Roses!


Hydrangeas and beach roses are an easy to care for option for your gardens. The very nature of them not being heavily pruned gives the same relaxed coastal feel that the gravel driveway and clam shell walkways have. They are a true Coastal Gem in my book!


#4: Shut the front door! Love the look of Nautical Door Knockers!


An under $50 upgrade to your current door knocker like this one and this one would give any guest a nautical feel. I am crazy about that arched window above the door! And being that it is navy-well that’s my fav color! A win-win for me! Check out our beautiful superior doors here.


#5: Love the look of Coastal Grey? Our Preservation Siding Shakes Cedar Shingles take the cake!


Who wants to paint again? Not me! Want the look of cedar shakes without all the upkeep? Classic cedar shake siding dates back to Cape Cod style cottages and can provide historical elegance and superior resistance to weather. This last idea for bringing coastal style to your home is popular exterior siding option. This looks especially great paired with crisp white trim and a door in blues or greens. My favorite blue paint color right now is C2 Raindrop C2-720 and you can find it at Waters & Brown in Beverly or Salem.


What have you done to bring coastal charm into your home?
I would love to hear your ideas…. Let’s chat!

Have a Coastal weekend!