how to stay connected with family and friends

The COVID-19 crisis has not only been sad and frightening, but it has also disrupted many of our routines and plans. From putting off regular outings with friends, to cancelling trips and big life events, we have all had to adjust our schedules and expectations. In most cases, this has meant less face to face time with our family and friends than we are accustomed to.

Though you may have had to post-pone exciting plans, you do not need to put off giving your home the updates it needs. Coastal Windows & Exteriors remains OPEN as we an an ESSENTIAL business. We are offering safe, virtual appointments. Click here or call 978-817-7072 for a FREE estimate. Though it is challenging to spend time away from our loved ones, we are here to help you stay connected with family and friends.


Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing 

use houseparty while social distancing

1. Have A Houseparty 

Houseparty is a  free app whose popularity has skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Basically, it simulates a real “house party” by showing you when your friends are using the Houseparty app or when they are “at the party” so that you can join “the party” as well. This creates a casual way to chat with whichever of your friends are online when you’re looking for someone to talk to. It also eliminates the work of reaching out to specific people and coordinating a time that works for more than one person’s schedule.

use zoom to keep in touch

2. Schedule A Meal Over Zoom

Do you gather regularly with your loved ones over a shared meal? Keep up your regular dining plans by scheduling them to take place over Zoom. Zoom is a free video conferencing app that people of all ages find accessible and easy-to-use. Plan your regular Sunday brunch with your parents or make virtual dinner plans with an old group of friends who you have been meaning to catch up with. You can even try making the same recipe as those you’re chatting with or order take-out of the same type of cuisine to add to the experience. Zoom is useful for more than just social calls. Here at Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we use Zoom, along with other communication platforms, to give our clients our free, no-contact estimates for replacement window, roofing and vinyl siding projects. Social distancing does not need to prevent you from improving  your home. If you want to get a replacement window, roofing or vinyl siding quote over the phone, click HERE to learn more.

host a netlix watch party


3. Host A Watch Party With Friends

Netflix has a feature called “Party Mode” which allows you to stream shows or movies with others simultaneously. This is an ideal way to stay connected with friends or family members while experiencing new shows or movies. You can even choose a theme such as classic movies or fascinating documentaries and watch with the same person or people on a regular basis. Or you can choose to watch the owner Stephanie’s favorite movie, Goonies…a sure hit!

woman on phone

4. I just called to say….

Today, texting friends and family is much more common than making phone calls. Hearing your loved one’s voice over the phone can make you feel more connected and allow for more personal conversation than texting, however. Consider giving a friend or family member, especially an elderly family member, a phone call today to say hello and let them know that you’re thinking of them. At Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we have also been using phone calls as a way to conduct free, virtual appointments with our clients. Coastal Windows & Exteriors is OPEN and  committed to helping you make improvements to your home despite COVID-19 following all of CDC safe distancing guidelines. Feel free to call us at 978-304-0495 with any questions…here to help!

stay connected with snail mail


5. Go Back To Snail Mail 

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Letters add a personal touch to your message and they show the recipient that you are willing to take the time to sit down, write to them, and mail the letter. Write a “thinking of you” card to someone in your life each week or look at whose birthday is happening this month and mail them a card to let them know that they are on your mind. Not only does a letter make somebody feel cared for, but it also gives them a keepsake to look back on in the future. 

Though the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted our routines and plans, we can still stay connected with our friends & family and we can learn to communicate with them in new and creative ways. Also, social distancing does not need to keep you from completing home improvement projects. At Coastal Windows, we have a free and easy 2 step safe distancing  appointment process to help you make upgrades to your home while staying safe. Sign up for an appointment today or call (978) 291-7285 to learn more.