Whether your home is on the seaside or countryside, New England homes provide unique character and charm. From historic homes to modern architectures, there are plenty of window styles found in our region of the country. If you’re searching for new replacement windows in MA or beyond, these are the most popular window styles you’ll find in 2018:

Window Style #1: The Beloved Double Hung

Double Hung Windows from Coastal Windows & Exteriors

Out of all window styles, the double hung is the most classic window. This window style has survived over 100 years of architectural trends in New England. For history buffs, check out Architect Magazine’s article on the history of windows. It showcases a double hung window catalog listing from 1905.

According to the University of Vermont, double hung windows became primarily popular in the mid-19th century. This was the case for homes and even structures such as barns.

It’s no wonder that the double hung window has such an extensive history and allure to homes all throughout New England. It’s one of the few window styles that’s so versatile that it can complement nearly any type of home style from Massachusetts to Maine.

But what are double hung windows? They’re easy to identify as they have two sashes, one on top of the other, that are both are operable and maximize ventilation. Both sashes also tilt open for convenient cleaning, and two locks offer greater security benefits over single hung windows with only one lock.

What architectural style works best with the double hung? Nearly any home style in New England. You’ll find double hung replacement windows in all kinds of architectures, from colonial homes to the brownstone homes of Boston.

Fun fact: Some brownstone homes in Boston have purple-tinted single hung or fixed windows. According to Boston Magazine, this is due to the original chemical makeup of the glass—making it around 200 years old. The exposure from sunlight tinted the glass a violet color over the centuries. While these windows are unique, they are likely quite inefficient.

Window Style #2: Beautiful & Bold Bay Windows

Bay & Bow Windows from Coastal Window & Exteriors

Bay windows are a great addition to any New England home. It’s ideal for adding character and even extra space for décor items such as plants, frames, and lamps in living rooms. If you live in a small cottage or Cape Cod home, a bay window can be the perfect solution for extra sunlight and makes the room feel larger.

Bay windows also work beautifully with a variety of architectures. Ornate homes such as the Carpenter gothic or even small coastal cottages can benefit from this window.

There are also two classic variants of this window. The bay window features a flat front with angled sides, while a bow window is a curved variation of a bay window.

Bay windows are typically constructed with three joining windows, such as a fixed picture window at the center and casement windows on either side. It’s an excellent window for homeowners who want more sunlight and fresh air. This window can be made energy efficient by upgrading with argon gas and professional window installation.

Window Style #3: Casement Windows for Coastal Homes

Casement Windows from Coastal Windows Exteriors

Casement windows provide a twist to the classic double hung window, but with even more ventilation.

What is a casement window? It’s similar in size to a double hung and it opens with a crank handle. It swings open like a door and provides excellent ventilation. If you love the smell of the sea and you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, this is the perfect window for you.

This is one of the window styles that look great grouped together with other windows, such as a bay window or awning windows. You can find this window style in nautical cottages that are located along the coast and even Craftsman style homes.

Window Style #4: Unique Geometric Window Shapes

Double hung windows from Coastal Windows & Exteriors

New England is truly a treasure trove of architectures, whether it’s with classic cape cod curb appeal or an eclectic Victorian. There are several types of Victorian architecture in New England, including the Queen Anne that was first built in Rhode Island during the 1870s.

Not only will you find bay windows and double hung windows in Victorian homes, but geometric window styles are also popular. They contain an eclectic mix of window shapes and sizes, making windows that are elliptical-shaped or even half-round look right at home. The most popular specialty window we see are an octagon shaped which can be added to your home in common areas such stairways and peaks.

Find Your Preferred Replacement Window Style With CWE

Although some of these window styles got their start centuries ago, they’re still very much in style in 2018. If you’re searching for replacement windows in MA and/or Southern New Hampshire, Coastal Windows & Exteriors can give your home timeless flair. Contact John with questions at 978.861.3019 or email svanderbilt@mycoastalwindows.com.

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